Terms & Conditions


All sales are final.  No refunds are permitted.

Replacement Leads

Replacement leads are granted on a case by case basis after receipt, review and approval of a properly formatted dialing/disposition report showing the following three sections.

1.  A summary list of all the dispositions used, and how many times each disposition was used.

2. A summary showing that all leads were dialed at least one time.

3.  A detailed report showing each individual call made, and the disposition assigned to each individual call.

Fraudulent Activity

If any client/customer or Paramount Marketing is found to have acted in a fraudulent way during the purchasing and/or use of Paramount Marketing products and services, the client/customer will be barred from doing business with Paramount Marketing at any time in the future.  The client/customer will forfeit any monies paid to Paramount Marketing for undelivered products and services that were purchased.  Finally, the client/customer will forfeit any leads or other services purchased as part of the fraudulent activities that were discovered.